Monday, September 3, 2012

Back to School Sneaks: part 1

Here are the precious Ella Grace and Layla! Not only do they have fabulous names, they are fabulous girls with buckets of personality. From the 25 minutes that I had with them....I would peg Ella Grace for the comedian for sure! She was a hoot and all over the place. Adorable! Layla is an old soul with a sweet and sensitive nature in my eyes.

Meet these two beauties!

Silly Girl

When the session was over, the girls discovered a ladybug! This was pretty cool to my assistant (who was also my photo stylist, prop designer, best friend and cousin) because my mom comes and visits us in the form of a ladybug. Chrissy knew that her Aunt Kathy (my mom) was there and so happy to see us working together.

Kimberly, your girls are adorable! So awesome to finally meet you!

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