Monday, November 21, 2011

Stunning BethRed and Her Beautiful Family

Last, but not least (see previous posts), is BethRed. We have BethBlonde and BethRed in our group...lucky us, huh?

Beth is one of my rocks in this world. Something about her makes me free to be me and open my heart and soul to her. There is so much about this insanely awesome woman, one of them being that she doesn't know how insanely awesome she is. I could go on and on about her brains, lovely voice, and kick ass sense of humor...I am smitten with her because of those traits but also of her solid dedication to her family and friends. She is simply a beautiful being in so many ways. She is also surrounded by this gorgeous family. Her handsome soulmate of a husband is her perfect match, and together they created and are raising two awesome children. My children love love love them. The first flowers my son bought for someone other than me, was little Vivien (who is also one of my daughter's best friends). Speaking of my daughter, she can not get enough of Silas....look at that smile. Swoon. you are. Here is BethRed and her people. :)

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